Two new workshops for the beginning of 2021. With fingers crossed!

In order to be safe, the workshops will now take place at the Great Waldingfield Bowls and Social Club about five minutes from my home. (Ten Tree Road, CO10 0SD). You can still visit the alpacas before the workshop. The Club has all the requirements in place for safe public events and in addition, I will have only four people at each workshop - each person will have their own 6ft table and their own materials and equipment. There will also be hand sanitiser on each table. It is preferable for masks to be worn, but frequent breaks will be taken. Masks will definitely need to be worn for any movement around the room or any contact at less than 2m and I will use a mask and face shield especially if I need to come and work with you more closely. Sadly you will need to bring your own refreshments as well as lunch. If you have any questions relating to any of the above, please email me on